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How it started

In the early 2000s, having moved a bunch of times, I started loving rugs. During all this moving, as a graphic designer, my interior design jones reared its head and finally rugs presented themselves as a beautiful finishing touch.

When you’re first starting out, rugs are not a necessary life element, however, they add warmth and art to a home so at some point, if you love design, you’ll find that rugs are a welcome addition to your life.

How it evolved

My first mill, located in the Philippines, came through a mistake. I ordered a beautiful rug from Florida online and months later, it hadn’t arrived. The store stopped returning phone calls. Frustrated, I found my way to the distributor, a gracious man who was running the office for what ended up being my mill.

With a high tolerance for rejection, I asked friendly Raphael if he needed any rug designers. He said, “Well, we don’t hire designers but we work with them. Come to our office and I’ll show you.” Figuring what the heck, a beautiful relationship began.

Without my first mill, these rugs may never have happened. But they did and they are. The ordered rug eventually arrived months later — in the wrong color.

Our rugs are 100% wool 

Soft and durable, wool rugs are warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool rugs can be tufted, looped, sheared, woven or knotted. Wool cleans well and is strong and durable while also soft and comfortable under foot, making it ideal for pretty much any room and purpose, from hallways to offices to bedrooms. Our rugs are made from 100% New Zealand wool, considered the finest resource for rug textiles.

Hand-tufted construction

Rugs can be constructed many ways. They may be machine or hand-tufted. Our rugs are hand-tufted or hand-looped. This creates an exceptionally soft rug made of yarns drawn through a heavy backing. Tufted rugs are sheared on top, creating individual strands and a dense, plush pile. Tufted rugs come in different gauges.

Fair trade

Embodywear is committed to producing materials in a conscious manner, with respect for natural resources, sustainable and recycled materials and fair trade and working conditions.


All dyes and materials used in the making of our rugs are 100% safe for children, animals and you.

Wholesale inquiries

Contact me to inquire about your own rugs. I can create any size order, from a small wall hanging to a grand hotel installation. I look forward to connecting with you.

Paying it forward

   A percentage of profits from animal art rug sales goes to Paulie’s Pets, created to honor my pet-loving friend. Funds help the Westchester Humane Society place slightly harder to adopt cats and dogs in their forever homes. When you adopt a Paulie’s Pet, you get a year’s worth of free food along with your new best friend.