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Does your home nourish you?

Let's make that happen

EmbodyHome Home Furnishings

It's time to create a home where you feel nourished, rejuvenated and nurtured. That means getting rid of what no longer serves you or is just in the way and letting in what comforts and inspires you.

Artistic rugs are the starting point for you to “Discover the Art of Floorplay.” I'm super excited to present my bathmat designs. Your bathroom should be as inspiring as any other place in your house, if not more so, since it's where you get ready to take on the day and wind down at night.

Selling upcycled home decor items evolved for me during Covid when no one was picking up donations. It turned into a big experience I'd love to share with you. To learn how to upcycle your own items that you no longer need, take the EmbodyTidyProfits course.